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Chris Palermo ESQ.-DIvorce Attorney Long Island

When did you know you wanted to become a lawyer?

I actually always wanted to be a lawyer. I can remember in the fourth grade, my class was reading a play aloud. I volunteered to speak the part of the Lawyer. I remember telling my teacher that I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. She seemed totally uninterested, but that’s another story.

Why did you become a lawyer?

I have always wanted to be a lawyer – it fits my particular skill set. I have an ability to quickly analyze a situation and pragmatically resolve its present issues.

What is your favorite aspect of practicing law?

As cliché as it might sound, the best part of being a Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer is the satisfaction I get in helping clients. Many times, I am able to help clients achieve a certain amount of peace and perspective during their initial consultation.

What kind of impact do you hope to make on the lives of your clients?

As a Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer, I feel the best way I can impact my clients’ lives is to clear as many legal obstacles they have before them. Many times these legal obstacles are preventing their ability to enjoy their lives, and I feel great sense of sympathy toward that. Which is why I strive so hard in clearing these obstacles.

How do you feel about the trust a client places in you when they hire you to represent them?

I feel a strong sense of obligation to do everything within my power to demonstrate to my clients that placing their trust in me was the best choice they could have made.

How do you feel about standing up for people?

Prideful. I appreciate the opportunity to aid my clients and earn their respect and trust.

How many years do you plan on being at Palermo Tuohy Bruno, P.L.L.C.? Do you long for retirement?

I intend to be here forever. I have two sons, and if they’re interested I’d love for them to one day join the firm.

How do the personal relationships (siblings/friends) within the firm help win cases?

All of us at PTB have one goal in min – being the best firm we can be, while achieving outstanding results for our clients. The fact that all of our partners and many of our staff members have had lifelong relationships works in our clients’ favor. We’ve achieved consistency in client satisfaction. Consistency breeds predictable results and reliable success.

How do you feel about helping people?

It is the best part of my job.

How do you support your clients throughout the course of a lengthy case?

It’s often one of the hardest parts of being a Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer. We have all heard the saying, “The wheels of justice turn slowly”. Sometimes this is an understatement. To alleviate some of the pressure that goes along with these unavoidable delays we are constantly available to our client’s. We want to answer their questions and keep them apprised of all aspects of their cases. Sharing knowledge and addressing their concerns can help people stay the course while remaining calm.

Is there consistency at PTB? Can I expect to have the same legal team throughout my case?

I think we have amassed an excellent team that expects to be here for the long haul. However, I am the only attorney in our firm that will handle Divorce or Family Court matters.

What was your happiest professional moment?

I am happy every time I’m relieve someone of obstacles that were causing them stress and anxiety. This can help them begin to better enjoy their lives.

What about your proudest?

My proudest legal moments are when I’m able to utilize my years of experience to do something out of the box that truly benefits one of my clients.

And what was your saddest?

I have had clients that have relapsed with drug and alcohol addiction, which affects my ability to advocate for them.

Are you quick to settle, or willing to go to trial?

I am never quick to settle. However, many times a quick and fair settlement is best for everyone.

How important is your support staff to you? Why?

Our support staff is vital to our firm. They represent our firm. If the attorney is in court or unavailable, they will be our client’s first point of contact.

What do they enable you to do?

Through years of specialized training and experience, our support staff is able to process many aspects of each clients’ case. This allows our attorneys to deliver timely and effective results.

How responsive are you with returning phone calls and filing paper work?

My responsiveness means a lot to clients…so very. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. This requires not only superior results at the end of each case, but truly great customer service throughout.

What’s the first thing you tell your clients?

That I can help them.

What’s the first thing you ask your clients?

1) What’s going on in your life?
2) What brings you in today?
3) What is it that’s troubling you?

Who are the people that make PTB successful?

Our partners and our support staff all play a vital role in PTB’s success.

What should a potential client look for when deciding on a firm to hire?

A client should look for reliability, consistency, and results. When a client meets his attorney, the client should know that this person is experienced, knowledgeable, and truly interested in helping.

How does a client know that you’re the right firm for them?

The client should look at our record success. The consistency of our partners and support staff, and rest assured that we are delivering superior results for all of our clients.

Are you the best?

We are the best because we strive for superior results for each and every client. 100% client satisfaction is our only goal.

What is your reputation as a Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer?

Smart, tough, and a straight shooter.

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