Mother’s Rights

Mothers Rights
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Mothers Rights in Suffolk County, Long Island

Although for many years, the courts presumed in favor of mothers in child custody cases, today the laws have changed. Under New York statutes, courts must give equal consideration to both parents, and whenever possible, favor a joint custody arrangement. With women increasingly holding full time jobs, working longer hours and spending less time with their families, you are more frequently seeing cases where the courts grant fathers sole custody instead of mothers. This can occur when they deem it is in a child’s best interests.

Attorney Chris Palermo represents mothers in family law cases, providing them with strong advocacy when seeking custody, modification or enforcement of child custody orders.

How mothers can help protect their custody rights

The types of situations where a court is often inclined to award custody rights to a father are:

  • When a mother is uninvolved in her children’s lives
  • When a mother exposes her children to unsafe conditions
  • When a mother is participating in morally objectionable activities that could emotionally harm her children

By staying involved in your children’s lives, keeping them safe, and setting good examples for them, you help your children and also protect your rights as a mother.

What Obligations Do Mothers Have To The Court

There are certain obligations that mothers must abide by in order to maintain good standing with the courts:

  • Make parenting decisions for the children based on their best interests
  • Comply with custody and visitation orders
  • Maintain a civil and cooperative relationship with the children’s father
  • Inform the courts if the children are exposed to abusive or domestically violent situations
Work closely with a New York Divorce Lawyer

From the outset of a divorce, you should work closely with your divorce attorney and follow his counsel. When finalizing a divorce, courts have a tendency to make the child custody and financial support provisions of temporary orders into permanent orders. Judges want to create stability and as little disruption as possible in the children’s lives. Before leaving the home and allowing your spouse to be a sole caretaker for your children, consult with your lawyer. Your attorney can devise a case strategy and provide you with guidelines that help you achieve your objectives during divorce.

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