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The best scenario for children is having their parents get along with very low conflict or none at all, so they can experience a loving and peaceful home life. However, all too often, marital conflict arises and intense disagreement breaks down the marriage. During a marriage break down, children are often caught in the middle, between arguing parents. Does this sound familiar?

All New York courts use “the best interests of the child” as the benchmark for deciding on divorce issues related to children, which include child custody, visitation and child support. When working with your Huntington divorce lawyer, you should keep your children’s best interests in mind as well.

Usually, the most significant regret parents have about divorce is their worry about its effect on their children.

Is it better to divorce than stay in a high-conflict marriage?

It may surprise you to learn that high-conflict and not necessarily divorce is the greatest source of harm to children. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), research studies show children in high-conflict marriages are more likely to experience behavioral and academic problems such as aggression, disobedience, poor self-esteem and depression. Also, parents in high-conflict marriages tend to be less loving, harsher in discipline, more rejecting, withdrawn and depressed, which has a negative impact on their children.

In all cases, married or divorced, when parents get along and have low conflict, the children are better adjusted and do better emotionally and academically. It is safe to say that maintaining amicable relations as divorced parents is better for your children than continuing to subject them to intense conflict as a married couple.

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