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Huntington New York Divorce

Experienced Huntington Divorce Lawyer Long Island, New York


The best scenario for children is having their parents get along with very low conflict or none at all, so they can experience a loving and peaceful home life. However, all too often, marital conflict arises and intense disagreement breaks down the marriage. During a marriage break down, children are often caught in the middle, between arguing parents. Does this sound familiar?

All New York courts use “the best interests of the child” as the benchmark for deciding on divorce issues related to children, which include child custody, visitation and child support. When working with your Huntington divorce lawyer, you should keep your children’s best interests in mind as well.

Usually, the most significant regret parents have about divorce is their worry about its effect on their children.

Is it better to divorce than stay in a high-conflict marriage?

It may surprise you to learn that high-conflict and not necessarily divorce is the greatest source of harm to children. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), research studies show children in high-conflict marriages are more likely to experience behavioral and academic problems such as aggression, disobedience, poor self-esteem and depression. Also, parents in high-conflict marriages tend to be less loving, harsher in discipline, more rejecting, withdrawn and depressed, which has a negative impact on their children.

In all cases, married or divorced, when parents get along and have low conflict, the children are better adjusted and do better emotionally and academically. It is safe to say that maintaining amicable relations as divorced parents is better for your children than continuing to subject them to intense conflict as a married couple.

Family law areas that Huntington lawyers help you address

Attorney Chris Palermo works with you to arrive at mutually acceptable resolutions, addressing all aspects of divorce, which often involves:

Chris Palermo is passionate about his work as a Huntington divorce lawyer. He is sensitive to your needs and highly dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges involved with achieving your divorce objectives.

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Don’t let your concerns about the cost of legal representation keep you from contacting our offices. We offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients. For an appointment with a Babylon Divorce Lawyer, contact us online or call us toll free at (631) 482-7407. We have offices in Huntington, Hauppauge, Garden City, Babylon and New York City.

Divorce Mediation

Does it Matter Whether Your Mediator is a Lawyer or Not?

Having a lawyer act as your mediator can make a significant difference in the outcome of your settlement. Legal issues often arise during divorce mediation, and without legal information, you may sacrifice certain rights entitled by law. It is vital to be informed so you can make wise decisions about child custody, property division or whatever issue is being addressed. Mediators who lack legal knowledge are simply guiding parties to a reach a compromise without enabling them to take legal factors into consideration.

How Do Divorce Mediation Costs Compare With Divorce Litigation Costs?

The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) reports that average mediation costs range between $2,000 to $5,000 for divorce, whereas litigation costs can cost considerably more per per person.

What is the Time Savings Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Litigation?

According to the NCRC, average divorce mediation takes three to six months and average divorce litigation takes two years, depending on the court schedule.

What are Some Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation Over Litigation?

In mediation, private matters are kept confidential instead of aired in open court and made part of public record. In mediation, clients can decide for themselves instead of having a judge make decisions for them. Mediation encourages open communication and allows spouses to express their views. It occurs in a cooperative environment, whereas lawsuits are adversarial.

Divorce Litigation

When is Divorce Litigation a Better Choice Than Mediation?

In divorces that involve a very dominating or forceful spouse, the less dominant spouse may be at a disadvantage and unfairly influenced during mediation. When domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse or criminal charges are issues, litigation provides a secure environment that offers greater legal protection.

Why is Divorce Litigation Sometimes More Effective in Dealing With Financial Matters?

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or financial facts are not being revealed, then litigation allows your attorney to take investigatory actions through the discovery process before trial begins. Sometimes this is the only way to uncover what is really going on.

What Does the Discovery Process of Litigation Involve?

Discovery is an exchange of information between parties. All exchange of communications, correspondence and information goes through your attorneys and may be in the form of interrogatories, mandatory disclosure statements, requests to produce documents, depositions, case management conferences, motions and pre-trial conferences. Once you reach the pre-trial conference, sometimes lawyers are able to negotiate a settlement rather than having to proceed with trial.

Why is Litigation Sometimes the Answer to Highly Contested Issues?

Effective mediation requires a willingness to communicate. When emotions run strong making communication impossible, mediation cannot help you settle conflicts. Litigation overcomes deadlocks in negotiations or mediation, enabling couples to finalize divorce.

We Handle All Types of Family Court Cases

Chris Palermo and his team have handled thousands of family and divorce cases, with extensive experience in all types of family law matters such as Divorce, uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, Child Support matters, Child Custody Cases, Orders of Protection, Neglect matters involving Child Protective Services, paternity, and adoptions. At the same time, we limit our caseload so as to give each of our clients the personal time and attention to detail required for their case. We understand the impact a divorce can have on you, and we want to make this turning point in your life as smooth and amicable as possible. Divorce can be stressful, but we are passionate about giving our clients the best outcome.

We are on your side through the entire process

Our goal is to make your divorce as quick and painless as possible. But if need be, we will fight for you, because we believe in you. Your spouse and his/her attorney may try to take advantage of you. But we will keep you level-headed. Sometimes the opposing party will try to tug at your heartstrings or play with your emotions in an attempt to compromise. With our experience in matrimonial cases, we will make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes or compromising on anything that will hurt you in the long run.